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Realising opportunities in infrastructure

Infrastructure assets can provide steady returns over the longer term and have a low correlation to other asset classes. In times of economic trubulence they can be resilient, making them increasingly appealing to investors.

This highly innovative strategy aims to deliver sustainable, inflation-linked income and capital growth from a diversified portfolio of investments in European mid-market infrastructure assets and support the transition to net zero.

The investment approach has been to target assets with core infrastructure fundamentals such as long asset life, natural monopolies, high barriers to entry, provision of essential services and stable cash flows.

Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guide, we focus on sustainable trends and sectors to identify high-quality infrastructure investments with current yield potential and the opportunity to drive value though active asset management by unlocking latent capital growth potential through expansion, operational or technological upgrades.

We believe the European mid-market is particularly attractive for private infrastructure investment, on the backdrop of a significant estimated funding gap. This translates into less competitive pressures and more opportunity for initiating bilateral, negotiated situations that our investment team can unlock. This is likely to continue over the long term, underpinned by a supportive investment and regulatory environment that encourages long-term private investment in essential assets and services and incentivises the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

10 November 2021

Heiko Schupp

Global Head Of Infrastructure Investments

Green hydrogen is finally showing its true colours

We look at what is driving recent heightened interest in hydrogen as a clean alternative to fossil fuels, the catalysts required for it to become a viable solution, and the opportunities this might present from an infrastructure point of view.
Read time - 3 min
8 June 2021

Ingrid Edmund

Senior Portfolio Manager

Funding Europe’s green infrastructure finance gap

Environmental, social and governance investing has received huge policy support, particularly in Europe where the build out of green infrastructure has been impressive. We look at four major investment themes this presents.
Read time - 7 min
2 June 2021

The electric revolution’s coming, and it’s on two wheels

The Asia-Pacific region’s e-bike industry is ideally placed to be a driving force in the electric revolution globally.
Read time - 3 min
14 January 2021

Ingrid Edmund

Senior Portfolio Manager

European sustainable infrastructure - in a sweet spot

There are four issues that affected infrastructure in 2020, and they reaffirm our confidence in the team’s long-term investment thesis and strategy.
Read time - 6 min
20 October 2020

Sustainable Infrastructure - A sustainable perspective on digital infrastructure

Infrastructure investors have a long track record as owners of telecommunications assets. However, 2020 is the year in which digital infrastructure has clearly established its place as a core infrastructure sector, which also provides a huge opportunity for investment in sustainability
Read time - 15 min
20 September 2020

Sharon Vieten

Senior analyst, Fixed Income

Euro pipeline proposal brings hydrogen to the demand side

A new report showing how existing European gas infrastructure can be modified to transport hydrogen at an affordable cost is an interesting prospect for would-be investors
Read time - 5 min

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