CT (Lux) Sustainable Global Equity Enhanced Income Fund

Enhanced income from sustainable leaders

The world is changing and the drive for sustainability is transforming the investment landscape. By identifying and investing in sustainability leaders, the CT (Lux) Sustainable Global Equity Enhanced Income is designed to achieve income together with scope for capital growth whilst supporting positive change in the world we live in. A 30-50 stock equity component is supplemented with a derivative overlay designed to enhance the yield by 2-4%.

Our team believe that this is best way to achieve an enhanced income in the years to come while offering investors a differentiated style dynamic relative to many environmental, social and governance (ESG) orientated equity funds in the market.

The latest to join our successful Responsible Global Equity franchise, the fund builds upon our robust Avoid, Invest, Improve philosophy, and is underpinned by a heritage that spans back to 1984 with the launch of Europe’s first ethically-screened fund.

What makes this fund different?

  • We focus our research efforts on sustainability themes and hardwire sustainability into our stock selection
  • Our ambition is to provide investors with an attractive and reliable stream of income – through a simple derivative-based overlay, we seek to enhance the fund yield by 2-4%
  • The Investment Team and our Responsible Investment Specialists work closely to gain a deep understanding of a company’s commitment to sustainability – through focused engagement and voting, we seek to drive change on ESG issues

Nick Henderson, Director and Portfolio Manager, introduces the fund:

At a glance

High conviction

A 30-50 stock portfolio, built through a disciplined approach with sustainability at its core.

Diversified income

The fund targets a resilient and attractive level of income. Deploying a diversified dividend yield profile across the portfolio to enable a resilient income stream for investors.

Sustainable income

We carefully select income opportunities. That means seeking dividend income that is backed by growing cashflow streams aligned with long term sustainability themes.

Enhanced income

We acknowledge the demand for higher income from risk assets like equities. The core equity portfolio is complemented by a risk managed derivative overlay designed to enhance portfolio yield by 2-4%.


A focus on sustainability results in a differentiated regional and sectoral portfolio composition. Crucially, we focus on an opportunity set with structural tailwinds – contrast that with the challenges facing many traditional income generating sectors, such as oil and tobacco.

Enhanced income from sustainable leaders

Select sustainability leaders offer attractive income (and growth) prospects complemented by a risk managed derivative overlay to enhance portfolio yield.


4 July 2024

Joe Horrocks-Taylor

Senior Associate, Analyst, Responsible Investment

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